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Issue 24


Safety Culture Its Challenges and Benefits

By Leo Knights
BSc Occupational Health, Safety and Environment
MSc Occupational Hygiene
Graduate member – Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
Lecturer- School of Business and Computer Science

issue-24p7Scholars have long argued that culture is a complex phenomenon which requires extensive research and debate so that a common thread could be established. This is viewed as a significant challenge when one considers how the rate of globalisation has disrupted the concept of time and space, and has increased the level of trans-national migration of people. Undoubtedly, these actions have resulted in the inertia of organisational culture that hobbles along, bearing the burden of modern age behavioural patterns, which were once considered useful, but have now lost their effectiveness (Couldry 2000; Daalmans 2013). While this article is intended to address the issue of safety culture, other cultural dimensions will be explored with a view to promote a healthier understanding of the topic.

The Problem of Industial Pollution in Trinidad and Tobago

By Amelia Smith

Environmental degradation in Trinidad and Tobago has historical roots and is attributed largely to economic growth and development and growth of the human population. The quest for economic growth and development have led the two sister islands along different paths. Trinidad is heavily industrialised and therefore suffers the attendant environmental problems associated with the production of petroleum products, nitrogen, sugar, ammonia, urea and fertilizer in addition to rum, soap, paint and wood products. Whereas Tobago depends largely on tourism and therefore suffers from the associated problems of large-scale construction, pollution of waterways, etc. In a nutshell what the country has been experiencing has been described as "Resource exploitation characterised by the search for short-term economic gain with little attention paid to long term sustainability" (Agard, 2000).

Inputs for Effective Leadership in Health and Safety

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