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Basic Firefighting Simulator Training

Jaric Environment, Safety and Health Services Limited offers the opportunity to learn fire safety in the most practical way possible, but without the hazard of a real fire. Our portable fire simulator is clean, cost effective and can be used in the comfort of your own training room. The portable fire simulator uses challenging and exciting fire scenes that create true to life scenarios. Use of the portable fire simulator is clearly an environmentally friendly alternative.

Course Content

  • Chemistry of Fire
  • Types of Fire
  • Causes of Fire
  • Extinguishing Fire
  • Basic Fire Prevention
  • Actions to be taken in the event of Fire
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Drills
  • Practical Demonstrations (Portable Fire Simulator Use)


The course is completed in 1 day

Target Group

  • Emergency response and rescue personnel
  • Fire technicians
  • Safety technicians
  • Fire wardens
  • Fire marshals


On successful completion of this course participants will receive a National Association of Safety Professionals Certificate and Card. It is recommended that this certificate be renewed every 3 years.

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About Our Training

We provide certified, high quality, comprehensive environmental, safety and health training to the public and private sector. Our facilitators are qualified and experienced to provide an exceptional training experience. Training is flexible and can be customized to accommodate clients.

  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Risk Assessment Training
  • Pediatric First Aid
  • Industrial fire

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