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What EarthCheck Certification Entails

Jaric ESH proposes to work together with your organisation to improve your environmental and social performance. To achieve this Jaric ESH proposes to design and install an Environmental Management and Social Sustainability system in accordance with the EarthCheck Standard. Jaric ESH will ensure that the members of your Environmental Team and other staff are trained as needed in documentation, internal auditing and how the requirements apply to their operation. We will instruct and demonstrate to the Environmental Team members how to prepare and maintain the EarthCheck documentation to ensure a streamlined system that will minimize maintenance costs. And we will equip the Environmental Team members and other staff with the skills and knowledge required to maintain, audit and improve the Environmental and Social Sustainability system.

Benefits of EarthCheck Certification

The EarthCheck logo is an international brand therefore participants of the program use it as a marketing tool, the program also has many other benefits such as increased employee morale and reduced operational cost. Your organisation would have attained a level of environmental performance and management through the implementation of the Environmental and Social Sustainability Management System. In addition there will be an increased profitability from entering a greater number of green markets.

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