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Safety Management System Audits

What the Audit Entails

The Safety Management System audit will adequately address and reflect you corporation's goals. The audit process includes meetings with management and key personnel with responsibility for health and safety to outline the audit process, as well as a tour the facilities, a document review and observation of the processes and practices, interviews with staff and a written report of findings and recommendations.

The amount of resources and time required to conduct a management systems audit can be substantial and many organizations system require an assessment at least on an annual basis. Jaric ESH provides trained personnel to conduct these audits.

Benefits of the Safety Management System Audit

Jaric ESH works with you to identify the level of implementation or conformance with your Safety Management System and opportunities for improvement. The audit identifies areas where an organization meets the requirements of the BS-OHSAS 18001 standard and areas where the safety management system must be supplemented. With ongoing improvement in these programs, your company will better manage risk, increase productivity, and meet compliance goals and initiatives.

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