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Industrial Hygiene

What Industrial Hygiene Entails

To determine if an occupational hazard exists, our consultants inspect your facilities, perform appropriate sampling/monitoring services and based on sampling tests, offer cost-effective solutions.

We train you and your employees to following proper procedures that minimize exposures during operating production and controlling equipment. Lastly we also help in the implementation of good house-keeping procedures

Benefits of Industrial Hygiene

With Industrial Hygiene there are many important benefits. These include improvement of regulatory compliance. You and your employees will be able to identify and correct hazardous or unhealthy workplace conditions. One of the most important benefits would be the reduction in injury/illnesses associated with the on the job hazard. Associated workers compensation and other health costs can be reduced. You will also enhance safety, employee productivity and wellness. There can be an increase in efficiency through integrated industrial hygiene. And also you will reduce potential liability and manage risk successfully.

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