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Defensive Driving Course - Left Side of The Road

The Defensive Driving Course-Left Side of the Road (DDC-LSR) is a comprehensive driver improvement program offering practical knowledge and techniques to avoid crashes, and to choose safe, responsible and lawful driving behaviors. The program has been designed, established and proven to produce fewer vehicle collisions (including company vehicles); less absenteeism due to injuries and court time; and life-long safe driving habits. It focuses on collision prevention through hazard recognition and application of collision avoidance techniques. In addition, the course also addresses common driving violations that results in collision, and how to change driving habits to eliminate moving violations. DDC-LSR is designed for the adult learner; complete concepts are presented so they are easily understood, materials are fully integrated, this enables participants who can't read well to learn visually and through group discussion.

Course Content

Drivers learn the principles of defensive driving and essential collision avoidance techniques. The sessions included in the course are:

Get Defensive About it! - Participants will learn to recognize the need for and benefits of defensive driving, and that defensive driving involves both legal and personal responsibility. They will be able to identify risky driving attitudes and behaviors, determine if a collision was preventable, as well as become familiar with the DDC Collision Prevention Formula.

Making Driving Choices - Participants will able to identify the benefits of occupant restraint systems, explain the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving ability, and spot physical and mental driver conditions that may affect driving. They will also be taught techniques they can use to maintain control in adverse driving situations.

What Conditions Drive You? - You will be presented with driving skills and techniques to use in avoiding collisions and violations caused by vehicle or driving conditions.

The Choice is Yours - Participants will become familiar with the skills and techniques that allow you to avoid collisions and violations, and they will learn to spot the common types of driving errors that contribute to collisions. Participants will be taught how to make safe and legal turns, evaluate and overcome the hazards of passing, and how to avoid a head-on collision.

What Are You Willing to Do? – Participants will learn how to choose the appropriate defensive driving strategy to avoid a collision in any given situation and how to identify personal behaviour and decisions required to avoid collisions.


The course is completed in 1day

Target Group

  • Drivers of Company Vehicles
  • Traveling Officers
  • Sales Representatives
  • All Drivers


On successful completion of this course participants will receive a Certificate and Card from the National Safety Council. It is recommended that this certificate be renewed every 3 years.

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