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Environmental Management Systems Auditing

Our environmental auditing services are scalable and range from a simplified high-level review of your facility's environmental management systems status, to an in-depth review of all relevant environmental compliance, environmental management systems, and best practices.

What Environmental Management System Auditing Entails

Our audits generally begin by gathering information from the site via a Pre-assessment Questionnaire. The team then conducts an on-site audit via detailed inspections, documentation reviews, and employee/ management interviews.

At a final debriefing meeting, the team reviews preliminary findings with the site management team. This is followed by the development of a written report that provides an overview of the approach; a detailed list of finding; and specific recommendations. We also provide a root cause analysis to help the site address why a particular finding occurred. A summary presentation to management is often provided following submission of the final written report.

Benefits of Environmental Management System Audits

Jaric ESH works with you to identify gaps in your Environmental Management System and opportunities for improvement. The audit identifies areas where an organization meets the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard and areas where the environmental management system must be supplemented. With ongoing improvement in these programs, your company will better manage risk, increase productivity, and meet compliance goals and initiatives.


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