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Ride-Along Assessment

Your drivers/operators represent you and your company when they are on the road. Are you concerned about their driving skills and habits?

What is Driver Evaluation?

Driver Evaluation assesses an individual’s ability to operate a vehicle safely and determines strengths/limitations in the physical, visual, cognitive, and perceptual domains. The action results in specific recommendations for adaptive devices, vehicle type, vehicle modifications, and a driver-training program.

On The Road Driver Evaluation


An evaluation route will be developed consisting of all available driving environments that the driver might encounter, including: rural, residential, suburban, urban and highway. The route will be divided into evaluation and recording zones.

Test sequences will be developed for each environment incorporating two to four driving tasks within each sequence. Each sequence will present the driver with a traffic problem, which requires judgment and a decision to resolve.

An overall driver assessment evaluation report will be produced outlining if the driver is at a low, medium or high risk of an accident.

What is the Evaluator looking for?

The driver's ability to recognize hazards and to adjust to conditions

Good vision practices

Road management techniques

Maintaining a safe following distance

Defensive attitude

Pre-trip inspection



Driving straight

Negotiating curves

Lane changes



Traffic restrictions


Use of controls


Rules of the road

Passing and being passed

The evaluation provides the driver/operator with valuable immediate feedback. This practical one-on-one evaluation session is conducted in your specific vehicle on the road and during your hours of operation.

As you may now recognize the Driver Evaluation is very important however this is a separate and optional aspect of defensive driving.

NB. The evaluation is optional and can be done before or after the Defensive Driving Course.


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