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Accident Investigation

Effective Accident Investigation is not only a moral and legal duty; it also represents sound commercial sense, as identifying and addressing the root causes of accidents. A thorough investigation of an accident is also a positive visible demonstration of your commitment to safety.

Course Content

  • What is an accident
  • Recording the facts
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Investigation Report
  • Employ effective investigation and interview techniques.
  • Analyze accidents to identify "true" root causes.
  • Describe human relations issues affecting accident reporting.
  • Participants examine:
  • Incidents to investigate
  • On-Site investigation
  • Data to include in investigation
  • Witness interview techniques
  • Post action; hazard control measures and follow up


The course is completed in 1-2 days

Target Group

  • All levels of management
  • Safety practitioners
  • Safety committee members
  • Security Personnel
  • Individuals responsible for investigating accidents (incidents)


On successful completion of this course participants will receive a National Association of Safety Professionals Certificate and Card. It is recommended that this certificate be renewed every 3 years.

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