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Risk Assessment and Management

What Risk Assessment and Management Entails

Jaric ESH will undertake a risk assessment of all operations within your organization. Our primary objective is to conduct and document the findings of the risk assessments, provide a comprehensive report to client. And make recommendations to ensure that your organization conforms to all laws required of them. We assemble and synthesize scientific information to determine whether a potential hazard exists and/or the extent of possible risk to human health, safety or the environment. With Jaric you risk assessment will be done by a competent team of individuals who have a good working knowledge. Your staff, supervisors and workers will be a part of the process and will be under review as they need to be the most familiar with the operation.

Benefits of Risk Assessment and Management

Risks are prioritised for action therefore the organisation can address the most critical risks first. Recommendations are provided for managing the main risks. Your company will comply with the annual legal obligation outlined in the Occupational Safety and Health Act No 1 of 2004.

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