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Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic loop 2017


What Ergonomics Entail

Evaluating working conditions from an ergonomics standpoint involves looking at the total physiological and psychological demands of the job on the worker. A successful ergonomic intervention involves creating affordances that support safe, effective, productive and comfortable working conditions. Ergonomic hazards are avoided primarily by the effective design of a job or jobsite and better designed tools or equipment that meet workers' needs in terms of physical environment and job tasks. Jaric ESH takes a thorough analysis of the worksite and help you the employer set up procedures to correct or control ergonomic hazards by using the appropriate engineering controls. We recommend correct work practices and administrative controls. If necessary, we suggest personal protective equipment.

Benefits of the Ergonomic Assessment

An ergonomic assessment benefits your company by identifying ways to decrease the risk of injury. Controlling ergonomic hazards can result in an increase in productivity as well as a decrease in employee mistakes and rework. There can also be an increase in employee efficiency. Companies have also benefited from a decrease in lost work days and employee turnover. With ergonomics you will improve employee morale and save time.


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