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Issue 25


Occupational Cancer: Mesothelioma

 By Cherma St. MSc,PGCE, BA (Hons), DipMid, RN Lead Nurse Practice Development London, England



Work should not make employees ill. According to Pingle (2013) all are incurable. Mesothelioma is the focus of this article. Decades ago it was classifed as an occupational disorder resulting from Unregulated work practices.



Measuring the Effectiveness of Safety Management Systems

By Eric Kipps
HSE Consultant

Over the last twenty years Safety Management Systems have become common place in many industries around the world; Trinidad and Tobago is no exception. There are now more Safety Management Systems in place and available than ever before. Yet little is known about the effectiveness of these systems on employee health and safety and on relevant economic outcomes. 


Occupational Diseases: Is Your Building Sick?

By Eric Kipps Jr. NREMT, EMD Las Vegas, Nevada

In recent times we have been privy to several Industrial disputes around the region which have cited issues associated with the physical state of buildings, including Sick Building Syndrome. Workers in Curacao, Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada, lawyers and laboratory technicians in Saint Lucia, and teachers in Barbados, have either walked off the job or have threatened labour action because they say the buildings in which they are working are making them sick.



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